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Author Topic: Enidust, PGA and Polak Potrafi (A Pole Can Do It)  (Read 1599 times)


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Enidust, PGA and Polak Potrafi (A Pole Can Do It)
« on: October 05, 2015, 02:00:00 »

There's been a rumble in the world of the project lately. Enidust's never been better!
We are proud to announce that from now on the website of our project has new functionality and layout. Come and see the new gamer's panel and the new constantly expanding gallery.
It's not the most vital information we want to share with, though. It's highly probable that we will manage to qualify for PoznaƄ Game Arena - the biggest Game Fair in Poland. We need help from our fans to make it happen. PGA offers a stall for 12 indie projects, provided that they succeed in finding sponsors.
Crowdfunding campaign will be carried out through PolakPotrafi web portal. PGA is going to be the first such opportunity to meet with the team face to face and talk about the whole project; there will also be an opportunity to get some game gadgets, keys to alpha tests and maybe even...;)
More information on the event is below:
- Homepage of the event (PL)
- A piece of information about us and prizes we offer (PL)

During the next few days you may expect a small surprise from our side...
It seems that the next half of the year has it all to be promising one- don't you think? :)
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